Thursday, December 5, 2013


I will rank all of the films I have discussed over the past couple months in descending order of greatness.

1. Do The Right Thing - This was my favorite film out of the list because I really enjoyed the editing and unique camera angles. Although the plots are separated, I never saw a dull moment in this movie. The dialogue was always enjoyable/interesting and the really intense ending took the cake for me. I think the ending was effective because it had a much more serious tone than the lighthearted nature of the rest of the film. It was gritty and realistic, as it featured absolutely no music. I dont care much for the social/racial criticism but I am glad the film wasn't preachy and didnt take sides.

2. The Devil's Backbone - This movie was great mainly because of the story. It presents itself as a fable but also takes the metaphorical concepts quite literally (e.g. the "ghost" being both physical and a metaphor for karma). The movie keeps you interested and takes many plot turns that keep you on edge. Just an overall enjoyable movie.

3. Seconds - I really liked the concept of this movie. I think the idea alone invested my interest. I also enjoyed the editing of the opening sequence with the eyes. The story was interesting, but I feel like it was missing something. I wish the film was longer and if they fleshed out more of the plot and personality of the protagonist. That wouldve made the ending where they kill him more effective than it already is.

4. Double Indemnity - Great noir style. The shadows and cinematography really appeal to the eye. The film captivates your attention and continues to build, up to the very end.

5. Sherlock Jr - Loved this timeless classic. The comedy was slapstick and thoughourly enjoyable, however the stunts were incredibly well choreographed and this movie featured very early examples of unconventional editing techniques that aid the story of the movie.

6. El Topo - This film had very beautiful cinematography at times and I really like the mythology behind each of the gunmen. Each had their own niche/superpower that made this story feel like a fable or an epic. However this was only for the first half of the movie. The 2nd half had an entirely different tone which I honestly didnt like and found a bit pretentious. This film is inconsistent which I did not prefer. My taste in this movie is bipolar as I also found some of the imagery annoying and disgusting.

7. Blancieves - This movie was able to capture my interest with its story. But I feel the silent film angle was not utilized in a very effective way. And I did not like how this turned out to be an exact retelling of Snow White.

8. M - I personally found this film a bit hard to watch. I enjoyed certain aspects of it but found it a bit boring and dull.

9. The Hitchhiker - I felt the story was too predictable with not much interest beyond the single main plot.

10. The Piano - This film was just not my taste. I usually dont like period films and this is no exception. It was bearable at parts but overall it did not captivate my interest.

11. Zero Dark Thirty - There was a lot more about Osama's past that I really wish this film would have glossed over. The fact that this film emphasizes or even touches the main female's personal relationships is stupid. The only good part of this movie was the raid.

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